Articles of Interest (9/27)

Does your church protect against pastoral failure? – Thabiti Anyabwile discusses the results of his research on some major pastoral failures/scandals. 

What Women Need – “Please, women speakers and writers, give me what I NEED to hear! Give me the good story of my Savior who lived every single day of His life in perfect obedience because He knew that I would not. Give me some wind for my sails because most days I’m so tired I just don’t know if I can pack four more lunches, set six more alarms, listen to irrational fears, break up countless fights, receive concerning phone calls, critical emails or not cry when my son calls me stupid.”

Divorce Rate – Is the divorce rate among Christians really the same as non-believers? Here is some interesting research that deals with the issue.

Top 200 Christian blogs – Here is a list of the 200 top ranked Christian blogs.  Note: It is ranked by viewership and google ranking. There are some pretty good resources listed here, but a few bad ones as well.

Mind Reader – This is insane “mind-reading.” Make sure you watch until the end though or you will miss the point.


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